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Not for profit club, professional service

Warrior Factory Halifax CIC is set up as a Community Interest Company and operates on a ‘not for profit’ basis. Although Warrior Factory Halifax makes a profit, this surplus is reinvested to develop the venue, train the staff and further develop our programmes. Our mission is to help each student reach their full potential as martial artists while developing good character and promoting healthy living.

We are a national governing body affiliated club that uses research-backed programmes. We operate from innovative facilities and many of our lead instructors have a degree in sports coaching or early years education.

Lil Dragon kicking in our Warrior Factory Halifax classes
Adult Ju Jitsu student throwing at Warrior Factory Halifax

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Centre Manager

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Lead Coach

I have been teaching Taekwondo since 1996 and Ju Jitsu since 2009. I set up the first Warrior Factory in 2009 (Warrior Factory Halifax) and the second in 2014 (Warrior Factory Leeds). 

My specialisation areas are the combat methods of Ju Jitsu and coaching Sport Taekwondo. 

I have a BSc and MSc in Sports Coaching from Leeds Beckett University and enjoy studying motivation, decision making and how habits are formed.

My favourite food is anything spicy and my favourite holiday destination is Crete 

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Lead Coach

I have been training in Taekwondo since I was a young boy and joined Warrior Factory in 2009, I am a Fourth Dan Black Belt in the sport.

I personally love sparring and self defence in taekwondo; I also enjoy patterns and other areas of the sport.

I believe self development is key to student’s journeys; I like to push the boundaries in class and work past the difficult stages. Away from Taekwondo I enjoy inventing new things and looking at green energy solutions.


Lead Coach


Assistant Coach

I have been with Warrior Factory since I was 5 years old (2009) and am a Third Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.

My favourite areas in the sport are sparring and competing, my biggest achievement to date is that I became national champion in my weight category in 2018.

I am an avid football fan of Manchester United.  

I am an apprentice at Warrior Factory Leeds and am learning the ropes of the various job roles here.


Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach


Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach

I have been with Warrior Factory since 2016 and a Second Dan Black Belt in taekwondo.

My favourite areas of the sport are sparring and competing. I have won many medals in Sparring competitions and have also competed in Patterns competitions.

I enjoy eating out and socialising with friends.

 I am an assistant instructor in taekwondo at Warrior Factory Leeds.

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Class Assistant

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Class Assistant


Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach

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Class Assistant

Warrior Factory Halifax CIC

Club history

The original Warrior Factory martial arts centre was officially opened in Hipperholme, Halifax in September 2009 by GB Taekwondo Olympian Sarah Stevenson.

After teaching in schools and gyms in the Halifax, Brighouse and Bradford areas since 2003 (including the main club at Hipperholme and Lightclife High School), coach Phill Payne was on the lookout for a full-time venue that would be within travelling distance of his current venues. 

Shapers Gym opposite Hipperholme Grammer School had been listed as ‘for sale (the business, not the building) so Phill booked a viewing with full knowledge that he had no chance of financing the asking price of around £80,000.

Fortunately, after passing the gym before the viewing, he noticed a sign on the door. Upon further investigation, the sign said the unit was now available for lease. It was obvious looking at the door, the landlord has repossessed the unit and changed the locks.

Phill pounced on this opportunity and started negotiations the day the sign was posted on the front door. Eventually, a deal was done for a 6-year lease with a goodwill gesture of a few thousand pounds to purchase the leftover gym equipment. 

When Halifax Warrior Factory first opened it still had a gym area that was in place for a few years. When our children’s martial arts classes started to expand, we realised that we needed more space for parents so the gym had to go.

At this point, the club was still using the name Team Taekwondo. It was a few years later when realised that people were starting to get a little confused if our club was called Warrior Factory or Team Taekwodo. To make things a little clearer we decided to brand the different martial arts programme under the same name. This is how we ended up with Warrior Factory Dragons, Warrior Factory Taekwondo and Warrior Factory Ju Jitsu.

Warrior Factory Halifax Martial Arts Centre
Photo of the training room in Martial Arts Hipperholme Centre

Warrior Factory Objectives and Core Values

Confidence - Self discipline - leadership

Growth Mindset

The belief that you can improve with effort and deliberate practice

Self Control

Never do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset


The power of passion and perseverance over time


If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.


People follow what you do more than they listen to what you say


Leaders must own everything in their world. There is no one else to blame.

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